Clifton Victoria Inn at the Falls

A Historical Trip to Niagara Falls

sirisaacbrockjpgTake an educational vacation and see the many historical sites of Niagara Falls. Being one of the key sites during the War of 1812, Niagara is full of rich historical landmarks that are more than two centuries old.

Old Fort Erie

Fort Erie has the highest death tolls of any battlefield in Canada, making it one of Canada’s most memorable historic landmarks. Nowadays, you can take a tour and even go back in time and experience what it was like to be on this battlefield. Old Fort Erie offers realistic re-enactments that allow you to choose a side and join the battle as if it were 1812.

The Laura Secord Homestead

Visit the homestead of Laura Secord, a woman who took an incredible journey that dates back to 1812. The homestead now provides chocolates, ice cream and souvenirs to purchase. Learn about the rich history behind her story and set out on the guided tour to see costumes, educational information and the house itself.

Sir Isaac Brock Monument

Sir Isaac Brock is one of the most famous Generals in Canadian history because of his major contributions to the British victory during the War of 1812. Freely tour the Battle of Queenston Heights and the Monument. Parks Canada also offers a chance to climb the towering monument and have a look out over the battlegrounds and Lake Ontario.

Stay at the Clifton Inn and be close to all of these historical Niagara sites and many others from around the region. Niagara Parks has compiled an entire list of all the historical places you can visit in the Niagara Region

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